President's Message:

President Wilkie Rasmussen

"As President of the Cook Islands Law Society, which oversees the legal profession in the Cook Islands, it is an honor to be able to push for initiatives towards greater security, safety, and justice for those who have come to love the Cook Islands."

    - President Wilkie Rasmussen

About the Cook Islands Law Society

Cook Islands Courthouse

The Cook Islands Law Society is established by the Law Practitioners Act 1993-94 (Act). The Act and its amendments provide for the functions of the Law Society, admission procedures for barristers and solicitors, disciplinary, and trust account obligations and the establishment of a Council of the Law Society. It also provides for a Code of Ethics.

Lawyers are admitted to practice in the Cook Islands by application to the Chief Justice who determines the application. On admission lawyers are automatically members of the Law Society and are issued a practicing certificate on application to the Law Society Council and the payment of the annual fee.

The Law Society Council is elected by its members at the annual general meeting. The President and Vice-President are elected and the Secretary and Treasurer positions are filled by appointment.

The current members of the Law Society Council are:

  • Wilkie Rasmussen, President
  • Alex Herman, Vice President
  • Narida Crocombe, Secretary
  • Cecile Marten, Treasurer
  • Ben Marshall, Council Member
  • David McNair, Council Member
  • Rebecca Wood, Council Member